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People Power Performance

Organisational Improvement Strategies

“Inspiring and energizing people to be the best they can be. Still aspiring to be the best we can be” – #aspiretoinspire

Our Values

  • Integrity and trust – In all we do and we would expect in return from those individuals and organisations we want to collaborate with.
  • Giving – More than we receive in our personal and professional lives adding value to lives we touch.
  • Excellence – Continually pushing to be the best individuals and organisation that we can be and helping others aspire to do the same
  • Growth – Create and innovate in support of our own learning and self-development along with those individuals and organisations we support.

Our Challenges

  • The average UK employee engagement score is 45%, France 54%, Australia 60% (ONS comparison Nov 2019)
  • Young people are 3 times more likely to be unemployed. Despite record levels of employment in 2019 800,000 16-24-year olds were N.E.E.T not in employment, education or training (Youth employment census Feb 2020). “An army ready to contribute positively”
  • “Privilege is invisible to those who have it” (Kimmel, M 2016). 20% of female jobseekers from ethnic minority backgrounds change their name on job applications because they believe they are less likely to get hired using their real one. (CBI “Time for action” Report 2017)
  • A diverse and inclusive workplace leads to 2 times the employee engagement, almost identical levels of innovation and creativity leading to nearly 2/3 of the workforce exceeding expectations against individual performance targets (Deloitte workplace research 2018)
  • £105Bn – estimated cost to the UK economy of absence linked to mental ill health. 71% of supervisors think employee well-being is a core skill. Only 13% have had any formal mental health training (ONS reports July 2019)

Our Mission

  • To help change the narrative for the world of work through people being at the forefront of powering performance.
  • “Moving individuals from good to great to exceptional”
  • Enable young people to aspire to be the best version of themselves and inspire those they meet on their life’s journey to do the same.
  • Helping people from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams in their life and their career.
  • Create diverse and inclusive cultures where the employee voice and authentic leadership create an equity of purpose and shared reward.
  • Utilise employee well-being as a fundamental step in culture change promoting openness and support for each other inside and outside the workplace

Our Solutions

  • We use tools that put you and your people at the forefront of organisational improvement programmes using techniques to empower and engage them to exceed expectations.
  • We seek the best in people and organisations using positive affirmation and focusing on individual, team and leadership strengths or energisers.
  • We are trained and can deliver numerous leading-edge improvement programmes including Strengthscope® workshops, built to respond directly to the issues of lowered workplace engagement, customer focus, productivity, stress and well-being at work today.
  • We help design and implement workplace strategies from health and well-being to organisational culture change shifts using pre-mortem rather than post-mortem learnings. We can shape these strategy implementations by introducing and utilising numerous other industry leading-edge proven models.

Paul Hamlin

MA HRM • Strengthscope Practitioner • CIPD

“My personal goal is to be the best version of me that I can be, and to help as many individuals I can irrespective of their start in life to be the best they can be”

My favourite hastag therefore is #aspiretoinspire

After scraping together a handful of O Levels at school and starting work at 16 putting staples into the seams of cardboard boxes on a production line. It can be said that the start of my career journey was a grounded one. It would however ultimately shape my philosophy and approach to the way I would lead in the future as I began to progress through the organisations i worked with and for. 

My success has been built on working with some great people and teams and as a result I want to give back as much of my knowledge and learnings that I can. 

I now want to enable others to achieve exceptional results in their life and career.

My focus is on authentic leadership, employee engagement, equity and wellbeing. This recognises that if you look after yourself and your people in work and life then the creativity and enthusiasm which you foster throughout your diverse and inclusive workplace, will help yourself and your organisation prosper across all of your performance measurables. 

I also want young people to go into the world of work full of confidence and high achievement aspirations irrespective of their start in life. They are our future and they are also the generation who can create a world narrative we can all be proud of. What we need to do is give them the support, direction and knowledge to allow them the opportunity to deliver. 

Remember it is “People who Power Performance” let’s put them in a position to do just that.





What you can expect…

A range of implementation programmes from individuals who have delivered and lived with them from inception to delivery and beyond.

Hands on and supportive approach to your tailored challenges working collaboratively to help you and your employees to shape your organisations future.

Highly motivated and results and outcome focused people using tools and techniques which have delivered the following measurables:

  • 70% Improvement in engagement
  • 10% Reduction in absenteeism
  • 35% increase in productivity
  • 29% increase in profit
  • 15% increase in sales
  • 49% lower staff turnover


"I never just worked with Paul as Engineering manager, instead I considered Paul one of my mentors. He has a positive personality which is infectious and he is willing to openly share his knowledge and experience while also continuing to learn himself. I would recommend anyone to connect with Paul and certainly look forward to working with him again. "

Mike Pritchard – Operations Manager at New Balance

"Paul is a motivational innate leader with a drive and dedication to see others use their potential and grow. While working for CHEP UK, Paul and I delivered a coaching session for A-level students at Aquinas College as volunteers for Career Ready, a charity that brings professionals to schools to help young people prepare for the world of work. He had amazing interaction and engagement with students and has an incredible ability to inspire others.”

Tereza Ludinova – Overseas Customer Service lead at Mayr- Melnhof GmbH 

“I always found Paul to be an inspirational leader with excellent people skills who always made time to check on my progress and offer advice if needed. He is also somebody who works with great integrity and has a very broad knowledge of all areas of Business / Operations Management”

Andy Johnston – Operations Manager, Emerson Automotive Solutions

"Paul pursues root causes when presented with symptoms of a deeper problem. Paul builds trust with disclosure and openness and is receptive to advice, ideas and help. Paul will confront people performance issues and not shy away from them”

Richard Symes – SAP implementation Manager, The British Council

“Few people have the opportunity to report to a Leader who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Paul. I had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects and Implementing Change management at CHEP UK. I was particularly impressed by Paul’s ability to rally a team around him. A skill that often takes years to develop but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to Paul. My career and professionalism is the by-product of this man’s great mentoring ability”

Mohammed Dawood – Multiple Plant Manager (South Central region) CHEP UKI

“I worked with Paul for 3 years on a variety of complicated real estate projects. Paul offered crucial operational input to the real estate considerations and project managed a broad group of internal and external stakeholders (including consultants, lawyers, engineers) exceptionally well. Paul demonstrated leadership and commanded respect from his staff and colleagues. It was a pleasure working with him”

Nigel Coleman -Head of Category Management CHEP NZ

“Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked closely with Paul and always found him to be open, honest, principled and direct. Paul is an excellent man manager, with enough self-confidence to be a true leader, ensuring not just the engagement of his own team – but also all employees, allowing practical solutions to be discussed and found to address any highlighted problems. This is a real art that Paul has developed and will follow him in the future”

Hugh Kempton -Director, Global Safety Compliance at CHEP Global

“Paul is a positive, energetic and engaging leader; able to build relationships at all levels and get the best out of teams. Paul engages teams in order to bring about change in a traditional operations / manufacturing environment by challenging long established practices and viewpoints to be open to continuous improvement and new ideas”

Mark Brook – Manufacturing Director James Walker

"I love the concept of strengths based feedback. We piloted this at Lloyds Banking Group when I was working there and it was really motivating as a line manager (and a colleague) to focus in this way during performance conversations, to get the best out of our teams."

Louise Norton – Regional Manager, Career Ready


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